Director's Message

Rita Singh

Executive Director

The world today is in the midst of what is called the 'knowledge revolution'. It is a matter of great pride for us that India is the recognized leader of the movement. Our young men and women are acknowledged the world over.

The intellect and worth of the young Indians is now sought after from the giants of the yester years. This is a recognition of the merits of the educational environment that shapes and guides the young minds desperate to explore. Today the Indians lead as major contributors in the field of IT, Bio-Tech, Telecom and a host of other industries. Needless to mention that the sound basic education provided by our schools is bearing the desired fruits. The focus has shifted from quantity to quality. In the coming days quality alone will survive the onslaughts of competition. Hence, we at Lourdes, Ghazipur provide state of the art facilities for school education. We ensure that children passing through these corridors, over the years, will have acquired solid foundations and grooming to develop into personalities of reckoning in their own chosen field of endeavors.