Lourdes have a wide scenario for Extra co-curricular activities which plays a very imporant role in children's life, for this he provide bunch of curricular activities

Extra Co-Curricular Activities

Audio - Visual Room

Audio-Visual room with a projection TV, DVD, and LCD projector. The AV library comprises rich educational and entertainment CD’s to augment the learning ability of the children and sustain their interest in learning.

This activity lab is helps the child to enhance its verbal knowledge

Art / Craft Studio

Art is a fundamental human process. Every society, from most primitive to the most sophisticated has expressed itself though art. Young children use art as a means of learning, through the development of concepts which take visible form, through the making of symbols which are abstract representations of the environment and through the organization and positioning of these symbols together in one format. Art is one medium which is contributing fruitfully in this process. Art must be acknowledged as base for individual development and must be taught effectively.


Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We at Lourdes Ghazipur have a health center with a qualified nurse, who takes care of the first aid needs of the children. The school has a pediatrician, who visits the school for students’ health check ups. In cases of emergency the school has made provision for an ambulance that immediately takes the child to the hospital.The school infirmary is looked after by a qualified Nurse. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and a record is maintained.if the doctor is of the opinion that a child needs special medical attention, the parents are informed of the same.


Lourdes recognizes the need and importance of games and sports activities in a student's life. School provides a variety of games and sports facilities to develop a sound mind and a fit body for all its students.

We have lush green grounds for cricket, hockey, football, basket ball , two lawn tennis clay courts, standard size skating rink and standard size horse riding area, one standard size badminton court, 10 mtr shooting range, chess room , table tennis room and MP hall for Karate. In addition we have a fully equipped gymnasium and an olympic sized athletic track.