Creation has always been the basic tendency of man- may it be the creation of literature, innovative customs, traditions, inventions or discoveries related to science. Creation has been the long lasting source of ecstasy (delight and bliss) for human beings. Lourdes Convent Girls Inter College is the living and healthy (lively) evidence of this inherent creative urge of mankind. For any nation court, industries, Legislative assemblies are not ascertaining (determining) factors of progress or advancement but an institution is certainly the mark of progress, prosperity, awareness, pride and glory. And Yes- Lourdes Convent Girls Inter College initiated by this inspirational spirit is flourishing (blooming) in Tulsi Sagar GHAZIPUR with its head high (heads risen to eminence) ornamented with outstanding excellence and accomplishing(fulfilling) the dream of all those pioneers whose indomitable (tireless) endeavor and concentration have awarded this priceless gift to the district(Ghazipur). The base of education in Lourdes is all round development of girls with discipline and character formation. The school aims at making our girls, lovers of discipline, audience, responsible citizens of our nation, dignity of womanhood and thus opportunities are provided to emulate the great eminent for feminists of the country and the world. It’s a Hindi medium school. This institution receives ‘A’ grade from the U.P. Govt. for its excellence in result. The students excel in academics with 100% first class with Honour for both High School and Intermediate. They equally fair well in cultural athletics, N.C.C. and Guides. Many of our students received Governor’s Award for guides/Scouts and NCC student have gone for Republic Day Parade at Delhi.

Co-curricular activities-
The school conducts extra-curricular activities like debate, extempore , solo song, group song, solo dance, group dance, Skit, flower arrangement, Rakhi making, painting alpana, Chart Competition, Sports day etc. It takes the students for Educational Tour of 8-10 days and Picnics in alternative years. The Annual day is the great attraction for the public with beautiful message.
Extra activities-
1. N.C.C.- This training is commenced by the students of intermediate group and for this reason the student kept trying for Two –Three years to enhance by dignity and kept succeeding from 2000 to 2003 the students excelled in B.L.C. Camp continuously. N.C.C. is our Honor and pride that provides us safety and makes us more disciplined and regulated.
2. GUIDE- From 1989, guide students were given the golden opportunity to participate in various competition. By the constant practice of teachers and students, and by participating at distt. and regional and by achieving the excellent place in all competition, students got many shields and certificates and still making the school proud.
3. SPORTS- There are many games in which the students are participating and always make their school proud. They participates in kho-kho, basketball, badminton, discus throw javelin, short- put etc. They won awards in distt., Regional, state and national rally, in athletics and team game etc.
4. Tai-kwando- It is a Martial arts important for self defense of girls in modern scenario. The training was initiated in the school from 1996. Since then the students are displaying their potential and are awarded for their success. They have also successfully qualified the exams for White, Green, Yellow, Red and Black Belts. In 2004 students got first place in the competition held at Oungal (Maharasthra). In Chennai also our students secured the first place. Our students also achieved the first place in the competition held at state level.
5. Cultural Programs: In the same way our school encourages student to participate in cultural programmes organize by various organization. Our students takes participation and gets first and second place in competitions at distt. Level.